Welcome to Colectivo.io, the home of wisdom communities online

Colectivo.io and our accompanying book, Culturally Inclusive Instructional Design, outline a framework for thinking about how culture impacts online learning, providing tools to build inclusive digital communities that encourage reflection and growth, regardless of content domain.

Our approach, the Wisdom Communities Instructional Design Framework, enables learners from global backgrounds to experience long-lasting, transformative growth through real-world problem-solving.

Here, you’ll find a community of practice of online instructional designers who network with one another and address how to design with cultural inclusivity in mind so that we can account for learners’ diverse experiences, values, and beliefs.

In our book, which has received the 2019 Outstanding Book Award from the Division of Distance Learning of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), you’ll learn about the foundation, components, and implementation of the Wisdom Communities framework.

Our consulting services provide opportunities for customized training programs to meet your organization’s needs.

We hope you’ll find these resources to be timely, practical guides for building collaborative, culturally inclusive learning and work communities.

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